Want to get an easy $5 or more to spend at Pacific Outbound Clothing? Of course you do! And all it takes is 1 minute of your time -literally. For every video testimony you send us we'll give you $5 credit to spend at Pacific Outbound. Seriously -it's that simple. Imagine you have 5 tees from us. That's $25 right there just waiting for you to put in your pocket. 

Why are we doing this? We want to ensure that everyone knows how much our customers love our products. This gives us an opportunity to serve you and future customers better. 



In order for your video to qualify for the $5 credit you must follow these guidelines: 

1. Video must be at least 1 minute in length and no more than 5 minutes.

2. Video must include you talking in front of the camera with one of our products, preferably with you wearing it.

3. Video should only be a testimony about 1 of our products, not multiple. (If you have more than one product from us, then shoot multiple videos to earn more $$$.)

4. Video should include our product in good condition. Videos with a dirty, torn or adjusted product may not qualify. 

5. Video should be positive, enthusiastic and contagious so that others watching can get excited about it too.

6. Video by no means needs to be professional, but should be taken with decent lighting and audio. (A video recording from your smartphone will work great.)

7. Video should be appropriate. Please no cussing or vulgar language. Please be dressed appropriately. Videos with exposed midriff or under garments will not be qualified or used.

8. Video must be of one of our current products. Products we no longer offer are not qualified (this is uncommon). But make sure we're still currently offering your product before recording it.

8. Videos should be sent to hello@pacificoutboundclothing.com. If your video file is too large, we can provide a Dropbox folder for you to upload it into. 

9. By sending us your video you agree for it to become the property of Pacific Outbound Clothing Co. to be used on our website and on our social media profiles and for any future use that we see fit. 



 TIPS for your video: 

1. Keep it simple, but creative and fun. For instance, perhaps do an "unboxing" of the product instead of just wearing it. We just want your personality to shine!

2. Talk about the quality of the product. Be sure to answer some of these questions: How does the fabric feel? How does the design look? How does wearing it make you feel? How was your shopping experience? What was your first impression unboxing the product? Will you buy again from Pacific Outbound and why? 

3. Have a friend help you record. 

4. Laugh, smile and have fun.

(If for whatever reason your video is disqualified you can always record it again. We can help you through the process of what to change or add to your video for it to qualify.) 



Once we receive your video we will review it for quality assurance and send your $5 credit via a coupon code to your email if your video is approved. We will not use your video until we approve it and have sent you your store credit. 

Happy video recording!


-Your friends at Pacific Outbound Clothing Co.